How to track user’s activity with Elite keylogger

24 Sep


Elite Keylogger from WideStep is perhaps the Best Keylogger program on the market today, allowing you to monitor the individual keystrokes and computer applications that are being used on your computer regardless of who is sitting at the controls.  This wonderful tool is a terrific method for monitoring the activities of young children who are always at risk to online predators.  It can also be used to observe the activities of your professional employees who might have access to very sensitive corporate information.  The unique Keystroke Recorder of this software program captures everything that is typed into the keyboard, protecting your company secrets and securing the well-being of your children.

WideStep have now made it completely free to try Keylogger, allowing you to see just how easy it is to implement and to install.  First, download the free software from the WideStep website.  Once you have run the executable file and launched your Keylogger software, a “start menu” will appear.  Simply click on the “settings” submenu, followed by clicking on the “general” tab.


You can assign a unique and secret password for the entire program by clicking on “enable password” and then the “set password” option.  This secret password will be required in order to retrieve any of the valuable information from the patented Keystroke Logger.  This prevents others in your household or in your business from viewing this sensitive information.  A log will be kept of all sorts of information, including websites visited, applications used, screenshots of documents being shared, transcripts of emails and chat conversations, and even individual passwords and usernames.

You can automatically have reports sent to you by email by clicking on the “report sending” and “send reports via email” options.  Simply enter your personal or professional email address into the required data field, and the WideStep Elite Keylogger will automatically forward you these reports according to the schedule that you have predetermined.  The schedule can be changed at any time, perhaps sent to you every few hours, once per day, or once per week.


You can review these reports as thoroughly as you choose, perhaps only scanning the documents for individual keywords, or delving deeply into each email conversation and online conference call.  The Elite Keystroke Recorder will document every single stroke that is typed into the keyboard, every single application that was ever used, and every file or document that was ever opened on that particular computer.  Within you reports will be screenshots of the files that were opened or shared along with documentation of the individual user IDs and passwords of the people who utilized these documents.

WideStep makes the entire process of monitoring your computer systems easy to manage and to operate.  To Download Keylogger for free, travel to the WideStep website.  Installation will occur within minutes, providing you with infinite safety and security on all of your digital devices.  They even provide mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, making the Elite software the Best Keylogger on the market today.

Watch video tutorial about key logger:


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